Pre-purchase Site Selection

Before you even select and purchase your site, we can offer our guidance and expertise, and consult you on design concepts and possibilities to help you make an informed decision.

Pre-design Stages: Information Gathering

All of our designs start with dedicated information gathering. This involves walking the site to consider all aspects, where sun and shade fall, and the paths that wind and water take over the land; reviewing district requirements and limitations; discussing your ideas and goals; and gathering a brief that captures all the relevant information for the design process to begin. We arrange surveyors and geotechnical engineers relevant to your project for you.

Concept Design

The next step is for us to put pen to paper and prepare a site analysis and sketch plan to reflect the brief and land. Before going too far we meet with you to ensure we are on the same path. We take a collaborative approach, developing concepts together to find the right solutions to fit your needs, budget and desires in order to finalise plans.

Preliminary design

With an Approved concept we move into Preliminary Design where we put your design on CAD and start to work up the design. This brings the project to life with 3Dmodels and views, sections and elevations. Materials and finishes are discussed in detail.


There is no reason why you shouldn’t know what your build will cost you before the outset. We facilitate engagements with quantity surveyors to calculate cost estimations to ensure you know the cost of your design and build up front, and to avoid any surprises.


We provide thorough detailed and professional documentation of everything you need to make your project a reality. This includes a detailed design for your construction team, specifications, calculations, compliance material and building consent documentations.

Building & Resource Consents

We are well-versed in the building and resource consent processes and have long-standing relationships with local councils. We are able to streamline consents processes for you and ensure all build decisions follow good practice.

Tendering, Contract Administration & Project Management

We can tender construction contracts and assist in sourcing builders for you. If you are not wanting to manage your building project personally, we offer this service to you through to the final handover of the project on completion.